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Saturday 5th September 2015
Men - Cheshire Cup - Cheshire Cup Round One
Crewe Vagrants v City of ManchesterNWHUAChris Reece, Ed Westbrook, Gwyn Hughes (umpires)
Neston South Wirral v BebingtonNWHUANick Kearsey, Mark Wilkie (umpires)
15:00Oxton v Winnington Park @ Oxton Hockey ClubNWHUAChris Hampson, Lucie Mulliss, Ed Westbrook (umpires)
Timperley v ChesterNWHUAGraham Morrison, Geoffrey Quirk (umpires)
Men - Cheshire Trophy - Cheshire Plate Round One
Stockport Bramhall v SaleNWHUARob Duffy, Dave Sutherland (umpires)
12:00Triton v Wilmslow @ Alsager L.C.NWHUABill Connor, Kevin Smith (umpires)
Women - Lancashire Cup Winners Cup - Cup Winners' Cup
11:45(Organised by LCHUA) @ St. BedesLancashireHUARob Abbott, Roger England, Jane Evans, Gayle Gledhill (umpires)
Brian Linfield (umpire coach)
Sunday 6th September 2015
Men - Cheshire Trophy - Cheshire Plate Round One
13:30Knutsford v LymmNWHUANick Kearsey, Nick Peel (umpires)
Mixed - Manx - MHA Friendly Fixtures
15:35Ramsey Rogues & Rascals v Harlequins Under 16 @ RGSIoMHUA
14:05Ramsey Rookies v Harlequins Colts @ RGSIoMHUA
Saturday 12th September 2015
Men - NOW: Pensions Premier Division
19:00Cannock v Beeston @ Chase ParkLee Barron (umpire), Christine O'Donovan (match official)
18:00Holcombe v Canterbury @ Holcombe ParkDan Barstow (umpire)
Women - Investec Premier Division
12:30University of Birmingham v Leicester @ Birmingham UniversityEmma Shelbourn (umpire)
Women - Investec Conference North
12:00Belper v Loughborough Students @ Belper Meadows Sports ClubCaroline Frye (umpire), Jenny Ratcliffe (umpire),
Tony Cobb (match official)
14:00Springfields UCLAN v Liverpool Sefton @ Preston Sports ArenaSue Howard (umpire coach), Bob Ashton (umpire),
Terry Norwood (umpire), Tony Shutt (match official)
13:30Wakefield v Durham University @ College Grove Sports GroundRobin Davis (umpire)
12:30Whitley Bay and Tynemouth v Brooklands Poynton @ The ParksRobert Brownbridge (umpire), Eric Dickinson (umpire),
Julie Blogg (match official)
Men - Yorkshire Cup - 1st Xl Cup
10:00(Organised by Yorkshire HA) @ University of LeedsYorkshireHUA
Men - Yorkshire Cup - 1st Xl Trophy
10:00(Organised by Yorkshire HA) @ University of LeedsYorkshireHUAChris Blogg, David Boddy, Phil Bootland, Peter Fielding,
Neil McInnes, Adursh Ruparelia, Robert Scoular, Richard Skippings,
Steve s Smith, Richard Sykes (umpires)
Mixed - Bridgewaters Manx Cup
15:35Castletown Celts v Saracens Sabres @ QEIIIoMHUA
15:35Cronkbourne Bacchanalians B v Harlequins A @ NSCIoMHUA
Mixed - Bridgewaters Manx Plate
11:05Castletown Cammags v Saracens Sharks @ QEIIIoMHUA
11:05Castletown Southerners v Vikings C @ NSCIoMHUA
14:05Ramsey Ravens v Harlequins Colts @ NSCIoMHUA
14:05Valkyrs B v Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Colts @ QEIIIoMHUA
12:35Valkyrs D v Valkyrs C @ QEIIIoMHUA
12:35Vikings B v Ramsey Rookies @ NSCIoMHUA
Women - Cheshire Division 1
13:30Alderley Edge 2 v Winnington Park @ The Edge
13:30Bowdon 4 v Chester 2 @ Bowdon Hockey Club
12:15Lymm 2 v Triton @ Lymm L.C.
Macclesfield v Northop Hall @ Tytherington High School
11:45Neston South Wirral 2 v Sale 2 @ Neston Cricket Club
12:00Sale v Oxton @ William Hulme’s GS
Women - Cheshire Division 2
12:00Bebington v Golborne @ The Oval
Brooklands Poynton 3 v Alderley Edge 3
15:00Crewe Vagrants 2 v Chester 3 @ Crewe Vagrants SC
Oswestry v Macclesfield 2
13:30Triton 2 v Deeside Ramblers 2 @ Alsager L.C.
12:45Warrington v Knutsford @ Priestley College
Women - Cheshire Division 3
12:00Alderley Edge 4 v Bowdon 5 @ The Edge
12:30Buckley v Lymm 3 @ Buckley L.C.
12:00Northop Hall 2 v Runcorn @ Hawarden High School
12:30Timperley 3 v Wilmslow 2 @ Timperley Sports Club
13:30Wilmslow 3 v Timperley 4 @ Wilmslow HC
12:30Winnington Park 2 v Rhyl & District @ Moss Farm
Women - Cheshire Division 4
14:00Chester 4 v Alderley Edge 5 @ Chester HC
12:00Deeside Ramblers 3 v Whitchurch @ Deeside Ramblers H.C.
14:00Lymm 4 v Macclesfield 3 @ Lymm L.C.
13:30Oxton 2 v Lymm 5 @ Calday Grange
16:30Sale 3 v Timperley 5 @ William Hulme’s GS
15:15Wrexham 2 v Triton 3 @ Plac Coch LC
Women - Cheshire Division 5
15:00Alderley Edge 6 v Crewe Vagrants 3 @ The Edge
12:30Golborne 2 v Neston South Wirral 3 @ Golborne S&SC
Macclesfield 4 v Warrington 2 @ Tytherington High School
15:00Neston South Wirral 4 v Brooklands Poynton 4 @ Neston Cricket Club
12:00Runcorn 2 v Bowdon 6 @ The Heath School
12:30Whitchurch 2 v Oxton 3 @ Whitchurch Sports Centre
Women - Greater Manchester Division 1
13:00Bury v Didsbury Northern 3 @ Castlebrook High School
15:00City of Manchester v Oldham 2 @ St. Bedes
14:00Didsbury Greys 2 v Stockport Bramhall @ Armitage Centre
Women - Greater Manchester Division 2
12:00Didsbury Northern 4 v Bolton 2 @ Parrs Wood High School
12:30Glossop v City of Manchester 2 @ Ashton Sixth Form College
13:00Prescot 2 v Stockport Bramhall 2 @ Sutton L.C.
Women - Greater Manchester Division 3
12:00Rochdale v Didsbury Northern 5 @ Oulder Hill High School
Women - Greater Manchester Division 4
Bolton 3 v Urmston 3
12:00Horwich v Moss Park 3 @ Horwich L.C.
Women - North Challenger - North Chalenger (Women)
09:00(Organised by Halifax)YorkshireHUAChris Bale, Simon Burgess, Jim Cockburn, John Francis Moss,
Christine Renshaw, Scott Riley, Lis Walker, Rod Wilson (umpires)
Women - North Challenger - North Challenger Womens
09:00(Organised by Yorkshire HA) @ Park Lane High Sch.YorkshireHUA