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Wednesday 26th October to Saturday 29th October 2016
Men - EH Futures Cup
@ Oaklands CollegeMatthew Parry (umpire)
Women - EH Futures Cup
@ Oaklands CollegeDan Reid (umpire), Jenny Ratcliffe (NYUPL mentor),
Nigel Mulliss (judge), Matt Harrison (assistant umpire manager)
Saturday 29th October 2016
Men - Premier Division
14:00Loughborough Students v Holcombe @ Loughborough UniversityMike Talbot (match official)
Men - North Premier Division
13:45Sheffield University Bankers v City of York @ Goodwin SCNorthHUADavid Baxter, Steve s Smith, Gareth Perry (umpires) Brian Linfield (umpire coach)
Tom McCabe (umpire coach)
14:30Timperley v Chester @ Timperley Sports ClubNorthHUASimon Allen, Gemma Jones, Tom Copeland, Trevor Mathew-Jones,
Steve s Smith (umpires) Brian Linfield (assessor) Andy Stalker (umpire coach) Tom McCabe (umpire coach)
12:00Whitley Bay & Tynemouth v Leeds @ The Parks S.C.NorthHUAMike Lakinski, Mike Smith (umpires)
Men - North Premier Division (CANCELLED)
13:30Brooklands MU 2 v Alderley Edge @ Brooklands SCUmpires not provided by North HUA
Jack Northern, Umpires not provided by North HUA
Chris Reece (cancelled)
13:30Wakefield v Ben Rhydding @ Wakefield SCUmpires not provided by North HUA
Robin Davis, Umpires not provided by North HUA
Simon Little (cancelled)
Men - North Division 1
13:30Alderley Edge 2 v Gateshead @ The EdgeNorthHUAMike Graham, Dom Tyler (umpires)
13:30Harrogate v Durham University 2 @ Granby Hockey CentreNorthHUAPhil Bootland, Alan Jerrold, Mark Hogan (umpires) Jayne Smith (assessor)
14:00Lancaster & Morecambe v Chapeltown @ University of Cumbria S.C.NorthHUATerry Norwood, David Wright, Trevor Mathew-Jones, Mark Watts (umpires)
13:30Lindum v Preston 2 @ Lindum Sports AssociationNorthHUAJoshua House, Matty Matharu, Phil Bootland (umpires)
13:30Neston South Wirral v Liverpool University @ Neston Cricket ClubNorthHUAChris Ambrose, Mark Watts, Phil Bootland (umpires) Chris Todd (umpire coach)
13:30Newcastle University v Didsbury Northern @ Stan Calvert Memorial PitchNorthHUAChris Blogg, Mark Hogan, Tim Dunn (umpires)
Men - North Division 2 East
14:00Driffield v Doncaster 2 @ Driffield SCYorkshireHUAJeremy Hall, Robert Scoular (umpires)
15:15Durham University 3 v Sheffield University Bankers 2 @ Durham UniversityYorkshireHUA
12:00Leeds 2 v Morpeth @ University of LeedsYorkshireHUAAlistair Copeland, Peter Hogg, Stephen Ball (umpires)
14:00North Shields v Huddersfield Dragons @ Marden Bridge Sports CentreYorkshireHUA
13:30Richmond v Wakefield 2 @ Richmond SchoolYorkshireHUA
15:00Sheffield Hallam 2 v Stockton @ Sheffield HC, AbbeydaleYorkshireHUARobert Bradley, Henry Nelson, Richard Sykes (umpires) Martin Kingston (assessor)
Men - North Division 2 West
13:30Bebington v Lytham St. Annes @ The OvalNWHUAJamie Devine, Chris Howkins, Rob Duffy (umpires) Tony Shutt (assessor)
13:30Crewe Vagrants v City of Manchester @ Crewe Vagrants SCNWHUAChris Hampson, Joe Turner (umpires)
12:00Oxton 2 v West Derby @ Calday GrangeNWHUARob Duffy, David Lomax, Jamie Devine (umpires) Richard Eccleston (umpire coach)
15:00Wilmslow v Brooklands MU 3 @ Wilmslow HCNWHUAGeoffrey Quirk, Neil Titford (umpires)
13:00Windermere v Colwyn Bay @ The Lakes SchoolNWHUAStephen Brooks, Kevin Smith (umpires)
12:30Winnington Park v Deeside Ramblers 2 @ Sir John Deanes CollegeNWHUA
Men - NWHL Division 1
15:00Blackburn Northern v Southport @ Blackburn Northern SCNWHUA
12:00Blackpool v Knutsford @ Stanley ParkNWHUA
12:30Didsbury Northern 2 v Bowdon 3 @ Manchester High School for GirlsNWHUA
12:15Lymm v Liverpool Sefton @ Lymm L.C.NWHUA
13:30Northern v Keswick @ Northern HCNWHUA
13:15Urmston v Wigan @ Wellacre High SchoolNWHUA
Men - NWHL Division 2
12:30Chester 2 v Carlisle @ Chester HCNWHUA
14:30City of Manchester 2 v Crewe Vagrants 2 @ Trinity High SchoolNWHUA
13:30Formby 2 v Triton @ Formby Cricket ClubNWHUA
15:00Macclesfield v Bangor University @ Kings SchoolNWHUA
13:30Manchester v Rhyl & District @ Westleigh High SchoolNWHUA
14:30Prescot v Neston South Wirral 2 @ Sutton L.C.NWHUA
Men - NWHL Division 3 North
13:00Bolton v Didsbury Northern 3 @ Harper Green LC
14:00Didsbury Northern 4 v Rochdale @ Manchester High School for Girls
13:00Golborne v Bury @ Golborne S&SC
16:30Kendal v South Lakes @ Kirkbie Kendal School
12:00Lancaster University v Leyland and Chorley @ Lancaster University
12:00Preston 3 v Ormskirk @ Preston Hockey Club
Men - NWHL Division 3 South
11:45Brooklands MU 4 v Alderley Edge 3 @ Brooklands SC
15:00Deeside Ramblers 3 v Wrexham @ Deeside Ramblers H.C.
12:30Mossley Hill v Bebington 2 @ IM Marsh S.C.
11:45Neston South Wirral 3 v Timperley 2 @ Neston Cricket Club
14:00Northop Hall v Deeside Ramblers 4 @ Hawarden High School
16:00Timperley 3 v Chester 3 @ Timperley Sports Club
Men - NWHL Division 4 North
13:00Keswick 2 v Cheetham Hill @ Cockermouth School
12:00Kirkby Lonsdale v Didsbury Northern 5 @ QES
14:00Liverpool University 2 v Warrington @ Wyncote Hockey Centre
14:30Lytham St. Annes 2 v Blackpool 2 @ King Edward & Queen Mary Sch.
13:30Southport 2 v Bolton 2 @ Greenbank High School
14:30West Derby 2 v Fylde @ St Edward's College
Men - NWHL Division 4 South
13:30Alderley Edge 4 v Wilmslow 2 @ Kings School
13:00Colwyn Bay 2 v Neston South Wirral 4 @ Rydal Penrhos School
12:30Liverpool Sefton 2 v Oxton 3 @ Archbishop Blanch Sch
14:00Sale v Winnington Park 2 @ William Hulme’s GS
13:30Stockport Bramhall v Alderley Edge 5 @ Bramhall LC
12:00Triton 2 v Bowdon 4 @ Alsager L.C.
Men - NWHL Division 5 North North
15:00Formby 4 v Blackburn Northern 2 @ Formby Cricket Club
14:15Leyland and Chorley 2 v Lancaster & Morecambe 2 @ Buckshaw Village
Lytham St. Annes 4 v Preston 5 @ Lytham St. Annes High School
13:30Preston 4 v Lytham St. Annes 3 @ Preston Hockey Club
14:00Rochdale 2 v Formby 3 @ Oulder Hill High School
14:00South Lakes 2 v Windermere 2 @ South Lakeland LC
Men - NWHL Division 5 North South
14:30Bolton 3 v Salford University @ Harper Green LC
12:30Didsbury Northern 6 v City of Manchester 3 @ Armitage Centre
15:00Fylde 2 v Urmston 2 @ UCLan Sports Arena
13:30Horwich v Liverpool John Moores University @ Horwich L.C.
13:00South Manchester v Golborne 2 @ Trinity High School
14:15Warrington 2 v Prescot 2 @ Priestley College
Men - NWHL Division 5 South
14:00Chester 4 v Lymm 2 @ Chester HC
13:30Deeside Ramblers 5 v Llandudno @ Deeside Ramblers H.C.
14:00Knutsford 2 v Macclesfield 2 @ Knutsford L.C.
13:30Oxton 4 v Bangor City @ Calday Grange
13:30Rhyl & District 2 v Mossley Hill 2 @ St. Asaph S.C.
12:00Sandbach v Runcorn @ Sandbach High School,
Men - NWHL Division 6 South
12:15Bangor University 2 v Brooklands MU 5 @ Maes Glas L.C.
15:00Bebington 3 v Denbigh @ The Oval
16:30Bowdon 6 v Sale 2 @ Bowdon Hockey Club
16:00Keele University v Bowdon 5 @ Keele University
15:00Neston South Wirral 5 v Timperley 4 @ Neston Cricket Club
15:00Oxton 5 v Chester 5 @ Calday Grange
Men - NWHL Division 7 South East
15:00Brooklands MU 6 v Lymm 3 @ Brooklands SC
15:30Knutsford 3 v Alderley Edge 6 @ Knutsford L.C.
12:00Macclesfield 3 v Timperley 5 @ Tytherington High School
15:00Triton 3 v Winnington Park 4 @ Alsager L.C.
16:30Wilmslow 3 v Stockport Bramhall 2 @ Wilmslow HC
14:00Winnington Park 3 v Triton 4 @ Sir John Deanes College
Men - NWHL Division 7 South West
12:00Deeside Ramblers 6 v Neston South Wirral 6 @ Deeside Ramblers H.C.
14:00Mossley Hill 3 v Bebington 4 @ IM Marsh S.C.
16:30Neston South Wirral 7 v Oxton 6 @ Neston Cricket Club
12:00Runcorn 2 v Northop Hall 2 @ The Heath School
14:00Whitchurch v Colwyn Bay 3 @ Whitchurch Sports Centre
13:45Wrexham 2 v Liverpool Sefton 3 @ Plac Coch LC
Men - NWHL Division 8 SouthEast
11:45Bowdon 8 v Sandbach 2 @ Bowdon Hockey Club
12:00Crewe Vagrants 4 v Wilmslow 4 @ Crewe Vagrants SC
12:30Sale 3 v Crewe Vagrants 3 @ William Hulme’s GS
Sandbach 3 v Bowdon 7
12:30Timperley 6 v Macclesfield 4 @ Timperley Sports Club
Men - Yorkshire Premier Division
Boston Spa v Rotherham @ Boston Spa SchoolYorkshireHUAPhil Blackburn, Simon Burgess, Henry Nelson (umpires)
13:45Bradford v Grimsby @ Bradford Girls' Grammar SchoolYorkshireHUAScott Riley, Peter Hogg (umpires)
14:00Brigg v Sheffield Hallam 3 @ Brumby HallYorkshireHUALiam L Redmond, Craig Langton (umpires) Barrie Pollard (assessor)
13:30City of York 2 v Harrogate 2 @ University of YorkYorkshireHUACraig Langton (umpire)
Leeds 4 v Lindum 2 @ University of LeedsYorkshireHUA
15:15Sheffield University Bankers 3 v Leeds 3 @ Goodwin SCYorkshireHUALiam L Redmond, Scott Riley (umpires)
Mixed - Bridgewaters Manx Plate
14:05Castletown Cammags v Ramsey Rookies @ CRHSIoMHUAAndrew Bentley, George Powell (umpires)
14:05Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Colts v Harlequins Colts @ QEIIIoMHUAGary Corkhill, Vic Ferns (umpires)
14:05Ramsey Ravens v Saracens Sabres @ RGSIoMHUAJames Harrison, Andy Whiting (umpires)
12:35Valkyrs C v Cronkbourne Bacchanalians C @ QEIIIoMHUAPeter Foxton, John Harrison (umpires)
Women - North Premier Division
14:00Didsbury Northern v City of York @ Armitage CentreNorthHUAJerry Cohen, Jonathan Hull (umpires)
12:00Doncaster v Kirkby Stephen @ Town Fields Sports ClubNorthHUAEric Dickinson, Gill Lord, Lou Robinson (umpires)
13:30Durham University 2 v Kendal @ Durham UniversityNorthHUATim Dunn, Jeremy Gough, Mark Kendrick (umpires)
13:30Fylde v Leeds @ UCLan Sports ArenaNorthHUASophie Parker, Lou Robinson, Gill Lord (umpires)
15:00Wakefield 2 v Neston South Wirral @ Wakefield SCNorthHUADavid Eldridge, Roger England (umpires)
12:30Whitley Bay & Tynemouth v Sheffield Hallam @ The Parks S.C.NorthHUAMike Graveson, Mark Kendrick, Darran Illidge (umpires)
Women - North Division 1
15:00Bowdon 2 v Newcastle University @ Bowdon Hockey ClubNorthHUAJohn Capel, Trevor Mathew-Jones, Charlie Cordery (umpires)
14:30Didsbury Greys v Harrogate @ Armitage CentreNorthHUASam Leckey, Steve Perruzza, Bob Barlow, Lucie Mulliss,
Jack Northern (umpires) Andrew Eland (assessor)
12:00Leeds Adel v Brooklands Poynton 2 @ Adel Sports & Social ClubNorthHUAChris Bale, Eleanor Jones (umpires) Jayne Smith (assessor) Andrew Eland (assessor)
14:00Lymm v Chester @ Lymm L.C.NorthHUAAndrew Cartin, Charlie Cordery, Mark Dietzold (umpires)
15:00University of Leeds v Whitley Bay & Tynemouth 2 @ University of LeedsNorthHUAEric Dickinson, Adursh Ruparelia (umpires)
Women - North Div 2 North East
Stockton Roseberry v Berwick @ Egglescliffe School
Women - North Div 2 North West
13:30Clitheroe & Blackburn Northern v Pendle Forest @ Blackburn Northern SC
12:00Garstang v Lancaster @ UCLan Sports Arena
12:30Leyland and Chorley v Liverpool University @ Buckshaw Village
12:30Liverpool Sefton 2 v South Lakes @ Liverpool College
13:00Longridge v Formby @ Longridge High School
13:00Lytham St. Annes v Preston @ King Edward & Queen Mary Sch.
Women - North Div 2 South East
13:00Halifax v Boston Spa @ Park Lane High Sch.YorkshireHUAGill Meachen, Rod Wilson (umpires)
13:30Huddersfield Dragons v Doncaster 2 @ Lockwood ParkYorkshireHUA
12:00Kingston Upon Hull v Wakefield 3 @ Bonus ArenaYorkshireHUAGerald Hunter, John Waddington (umpires)
13:30Leeds 2 v Slazenger @ University of LeedsYorkshireHUA
13:30Rotherham v University of Leeds 2 @ Westfield Sports CollegeYorkshireHUA
12:00Sheffield University Bankers v Driffield @ Goodwin SCYorkshireHUALis Walker, Morag Wilkinson (umpires)
Women - North Div 2 South West
15:00Crewe Vagrants v Sale @ Crewe Vagrants SC
12:30Oldham v Timperley 2 @ Newman RC College
13:00Prescot v Didsbury Greys 2 @ Sutton L.C.
11:00Urmston v Bowdon 3 @ Wellacre High School
13:30Wilmslow v Deeside Ramblers @ Wilmslow HC
12:00Wrexham v Bolton @ Plac Coch LC
Women - Greater Manchester Division 1
10:30City of Manchester v Moss Park @ Parrs Wood High School
11:00Didsbury Northern 2 v Manchester Manto @ Armitage Centre
11:00Didsbury Northern 3 v Manchester University @ Manchester High School for Girls
15:30Didsbury Northern 4 v Oldham 2 @ Manchester High School for Girls
12:00Heaton with Oxcliffe v Stockport Bramhall @ Parrs Wood High School
Women - Greater Manchester Division 2
11:30Bolton 2 v City of Manchester 2 @ Harper Green LC
11:00Bury v Moss Park 2 @ Castlebrook High School
12:30Bury 2 v Manchester University 2 @ Castlebrook High School
12:30Glossop v Salford University @ Ashton Sixth Form College
12:00Stockport Bramhall 2 v Prescot 2 @ Bramhall LC
Women - Greater Manchester Division 3
10:00Manchester University 4 v Didsbury Northern 5 @ Armitage Centre
10:30Stockport Bramhall 3 v Moss Park 3 @ Bramhall LC
Women - Lancashire Womens Hockey Association Division 1
10:30Formby 2 v West Derby @ Formby Cricket Club
14:00Liverpool Sefton 4 v Formby 3 @ Liverpool College
12:15Liverpool University 2 v Wigan @ Wyncote Hockey Centre
12:00Northern v Liverpool Sefton 3 @ Northern HC
Women - Lancashire Womens Hockey Association Division 2
City of Liverpool v Northern 2 @ Archbishop Blanch Sch
12:00Formby 4 v Mossley Hill 3 @ Formby Cricket Club
Hillwood v Liverpool Sefton 5 @ Litherland Sports Park
12:00Wigan 2 v Merseyside Police @ Wigan Cricket Club
Women - Cumbria Division 1
12:30Ambleside v Carlisle @ Kirkbie Kendal SchoolCumbria
11:00Dalston v Keswick 2 @ Wigton Rugby ClubCumbria
14:30Kendal 2 v Kirkby Stephen 2 @ Kirkbie Kendal SchoolCumbria
14:30Keswick v Ulverston @ Cockermouth SchoolCumbria
10:30Kirkby Lonsdale v Wigton @ Casterton SchoolCumbria
14:45Penrith v Carlisle 2 @ Penrith Leisure CentreCumbria
Sunday 30th October 2016
Men - NWHL Division 2
12:00Triton v Carlisle @ Alsager L.C.NWHUA
Men - EH Cup
13:30Alderley Edge v Sheffield University Bankers @ The EdgeNorthHUAChris Blogg, Dom Tyler, Terry Norwood, Mark Wilkie (umpires)
14:00Doncaster v Beeston @ Town Fields Sports ClubNorthHUADavid Elworthy, Neil McInnes (umpires)
Men - EH Cup - 2nd XI cup
14:30Bowdon 2 v Brooklands MU 2 @ Bowdon Hockey ClubNorthHUAMike Graham, Mark Wilkie, Chris Blogg (umpires)
Women - North Division 1
14:20Newcastle University v Didsbury Greys @ Armitage CentreNorthHUAEric Dickinson, Lou Robinson, Sam Leckey (umpires)
Women - Greater Manchester Division 3
12:30Didsbury Northern 6 v Manchester University 3 @ Armitage Centre
10:30Oldham 3 v Rochdale @ Newman RC College
12:00Urmston 2 v Manchester University 4 @ Wellacre High School
Women - Greater Manchester Division 4
City of Manchester 3 v Prescot 3 @ St. Bedes
11:00Didsbury Northern 7 v Horwich @ Armitage Centre
12:15Stockport Bramhall 4 v Glossop 2 @ Bramhall LC
Urmston 3 v Stockport Bramhall 5 @ Wellacre High School
Women - Netherwood League Division 1
11:00Carlisle 3 v Kendal 3 @ Austin Friars St. Monica's Sch.
11:15Keswick 3 v Ambleside 2 @ Cockermouth School
11:00Penrith 2 v Windermere 2 @ The Lakes School
13:00Wigton 2 v South Lakes 2 @ Wigton Rugby Club
Women - EH Vase
Southport v Stockport BramhallNorthHUAMark Kendrick, Lucie Mulliss (umpires)
Monday 31st October 2016
Men - Manx Indoor League
19:10Vikings B v Valkyrs B @ NSCIoMHUA
19:50Cronkbourne Bacchanalians B v Vikings A @ NSCIoMHUA
20:30Cronkbourne Bacchanalians v Castletown A @ NSCIoMHUA
21:10Valkyrs v Ramsey LJ @ NSCIoMHUA
Women - Manx Indoor League
19:10Vikings B v Castletown A @ NSCIoMHUA
19:50Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Legends v Cronkbourne Bacchanalians @ NSCIoMHUA
20:30Valkyrs B v Valkyrs @ NSCIoMHUA
Monday 31st October to Sunday 6th November 2016
Men - International Event - 6th Sultan of Johor Cup
@ Johor (MAS)Nick Bennett (umpire appointed by FIH)