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Friday 20th April 2018
Women - North Premier Division
19:45University of Leeds v Sheffield Hallam @ University of LeedsNorthHUATom Copeland, Gill Lord (umpires)
Saturday 21st April 2018
Men - Men's North League Playoff
14:00Sheffield Hallam 2 v Windermere @ University of LeedsNorthHUAChris Ambrose, Mark Watts (umpires) Brian Linfield (assessor)
Men - Isle of Man Premier Division
14:05Cronkbourne Bacchanalians A v Vikings A @ NSCIoMHUAIan Duggua, Peter Foxton (umpires)
14:05Ramsey A v Cronkbourne Bacchanalians B @ RGSIoMHUAPaul Hunter (umpire)
14:05Valkyrs A v Vikings B @ QEIIIoMHUALindsay Riordan (umpire)
Men - Isle of Man Division One
11:05Harlequins A v Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Colts @ NSCIoMHUAJamie Brown, Alison Middleton (umpires)
14:05Saracens A v Vikings C @ CRHSIoMHUA
15:35Valkyrs B v Castletown A @ QEIIIoMHUAMike McCarrick (umpire)
Men - Isle of Man Division Two
12:35Cronkbourne Bacchanalians C v Castletown B @ CRHSIoMHUARoss Stephens (umpire)
15:35Ramsey B v Harlequins B @ RGSIoMHUA
Men - Yorkshire Cup
(Organised by Yorkshire HA) @ Park Lane High Sch.YorkshireHUASimon Burgess, Jim Cockburn, Tom Elliot, Michael Jackson,
Neil McInnes, Richard Sykes, Lis Walker (umpires) Nick Fitton (umpire coach)
Yvonne McCartney (umpire coach) Gill Meachen (umpire coach) Barrie Pollard (umpire coach) Richard Skippings (umpire coach)
Women - North League Playoffs
12:30Boston Spa v Lancaster @ Boston Spa SchoolNorthHUABob Ashton, John Toms (umpires)
12:00Stokesley v Wilmslow @ Macmillan AcademyNorthHUACate Adamson, Chris Bale (umpires)
Women - Greater Manchester Division 2
12:30Glossop v Manchester University 2 @ Ashton Sixth Form College
11:00Stockport Bramhall 2 v Urmston 2 @ Bramhall LC
Women - Greater Manchester Division 3
10:15Manchester University 3 v Oldham 3 @ Armitage Centre
Women - Greater Manchester Division 4
11:00Moss Park 3 v Didsbury Northern 7 @ Trinity High School
Women - Greater Manchester Plate
12:20Bolton 2 v Salford University @ Armitage Centre
Women - Isle of Man Premier Division
12:35Valkyrs A v Cronkbourne Bacchanalians A @ QEIIIoMHUASan Moore, Lindsay Riordan, Susan Taylor (umpires)
12:35Vikings A v Harlequins A @ NSCIoMHUAPeter Foxton (umpire) ... One umpire to be provided by Vikings A
Women - Isle of Man Division One
11:05Castletown B v Valkyrs C @ CRHSIoMHUAScott Mason, Jake Phair (umpires)
15:35Cronkbourne Bacchanalians Colts v Valkyrs B @ NSCIoMHUA
11:05Harlequins B v Ramsey B @ QEIIIoMHUA
15:35Saracens A v Vikings B @ CRHSIoMHUAScott Mason, George Powell (umpires)
Women - Lancashire Central Premier Division
12:00Southport v Lancaster University @ Greenbank High School
13:30Windermere v Pendle Forest 2 @ The Lakes School
Women - Lancashire Central Division 1
13:00Brookfields v Lancaster & Morecambe 2 @ Witton Park
Sunday 22nd April 2018
Men - Promotion Playoffs
@ Nottingham Hockey CentreLee Barron (umpire), Nick Bennett (umpire),
David Ellcock (tournament director), Christine O'Donovan (technical officer),
Mike Talbot (technical officer), Hamish Jamson (assistant umpire manager)
Men - Relegation Playoffs
Deeside Ramblers v Old Georgians @ Deeside Ramblers H.C.Dave Dowdall (umpire), Dan Reid (umpire),
Tony Shutt (match official)
Women - Promotion Playoffs
@ Nottingham Hockey CentreCaroline Frye (umpire), Hannah Harrison (umpire),
Gill Lord (umpire), David Ellcock (tournament director)
Men - Yorkshire Cup
(Organised by Yorkshire HA) @ Sheffield HC, AbbeydaleYorkshireHUAJames Cowden, Jeremy Hall, Scott Riley, Greg Wines,
Mason Fenlon (umpires) Barrie Pollard (umpire coach) Richard Skippings (umpire coach)
Women - Greater Manchester Division 2
11:00Bolton 2 v Salford University @ Harper Green LC
12:00Urmston 2 v Stockport Bramhall 2 @ Wellacre High School
Women - Women's Masters Championship - EH Over 45 Tier 1 Semi-Final
13:00Chester Masters Over 45 v Sevenoaks Masters Over 45 @ Abbey Gate CollegeNorthHUACharlie Cordery, Lucie Mulliss (umpires)
Monday 23rd April 2018
Men - Under 14 Schools Finals
@ Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis CentreDavid Elworthy (NYUPL mentor)
Monday 23rd April to Thursday 26th April 2018
Men - Under 14 Schools Finals - u14 - 18 Schools Finals
@ Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis CentreBev Deakin (tournament director)
Tuesday 24th April 2018
Men - Isle of Man Cup
20:30Cronkbourne Bacchanalians A v Valkyrs A @ NSCIoMHUA
Tuesday 24th April to Wednesday 25th April 2018
Men - Under 16 Schools Finals
@ Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis CentreDavid Elworthy (NYUPL mentor)
Wednesday 25th April to Thursday 26th April 2018
Men - Under 18 Schools Cup - Cup & Plate Finals
@ Old Loughtonians & Lee ValleyRowan Tejura (umpire), Matthew Parry (umpire),
David Elworthy (NYUPL mentor)